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Profesor Contratado Doctor Tipo 1

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e-mail: miguel.berueteATunavarra.es

Phone number: [+34] 948 16 9727

Miguel Beruete was born in Pamplona in 1978. He received the title of Senior Engineer of Telecommunication and the title of Doctor of Telecommunications in 2002 and 2006 respectively, both at the Public University of Navarra. From January to March 2005 he worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Seville, as part of his doctoral research.

From February 2007 to September 2009 he was in the department of electronics technology center in CEMITEC Noain (Navarra), developing, designing and measuring
high frequency communications devices.

In September 2009 he joined the TERALAB of the Public University of Navarra to work as a postdoctoral researcher in the project Consolider EMET Engineering Metamaterials, where he devoted himself to the research and development quasi-optical devices at terahertz and infrared waves.

Since January 2012 is beneficiary of a post-doctoral contract with the Ramon y Cajal program (RYC-2011-08221) in the TERALAB, where he continues his research and teaching activities with the subject Propagation and Transmission of
Waves in the
Telecommunications Technology Degree and the subject
High Frequency CAD Tools in the Master's Degree in Communications.

In April 2014 he joined the
antennas group at UPNA within which he continues hisresearch and teaching. His current research interests include quasi-optical devices in THz and infrared frequencies, metasurfaces, nanoantennas, antennas based on extraordinary transmission, volumetric metamaterials, with special attention to volumetric devices such as lenses, prisms, beam directors, etc.

He is capitalist venture partner of technology-based innovation company Tafco Metawireless where he complements his research with technology transfer

As a result of his research Miguel Beruete has published over 100 articles in international journals, 3 chapters of the book, co-authored 3 international patents, has participated in 24 projects/research contracts, about 200 international conferences (including 16 invited ), more than 40 national conferences and has received more than 1800 citations (over 1200 excluding self-citations).

Note that one of his publications was selected by the magazine Optics & Photonics News as one of the most outstanding research in the field of optics in 2015. Similarly, another article was recognized by the Journal of Optics as one of the outstanding research 2014 "Highlights of 2014" (more here) and also served as a cover for a special issue on Terahertz Photonics (more here and here). Currently his h-index = 19, which places him in 20th place of the 51 most important state-level researchers in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and ranked 6th in Navarra.

He has also been honored with several awards throughout his career:
2nd MMS2014 Yarman-Carlin Best Student Paper Contest for the paper “Tunability and sign- switching of deflection angle in diffraction inspired unidirectional devices”, "Disruptive Concept Award" Prize RADAR Conference 2014 for the work "Blind Spot Mitigation in Phased Array Antenna using Metamaterials" (more here), PhD Prize UPNA (2006-2007), "CST University Publication Award 2012", XII Talgo Award for Technological Innovation Award "CST University Publication Award 2005" Award.

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