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ORAHS 2022 at Università degli studi de Bergamo, Italia

17-22 july 2022 at Univesità degli studi di Bergamo, Italia

ORAHS 2022: 48th annual meeting of the euro working group on operational reserach applied to health services

ORAHS provides a network for researchers involved in the application of systematic and quantitative analysis in support of planning and management in the health services sector. The meeting is open to anyone with a quantitative background and those who have interest in the subject area. Main theme of the 2022 edition: organization and reaction of health systems when confronted with emergency situations like the COVID pandemic.

Three streams

• Hospitals and public authorities: how can they react to extreme scenarios, by possibly rearranging their available resources?

• Territorial health systems: how and to what extent can they complement the hospital system to cope with a pandemic?

• Clinical practice: decision support for diagnosis and treatments, when fighting against a new virus for the first time.