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Approved plan

In May 2011 The Public University of Navarra approved its Third Strategic Plan, for the period 2011-2014. In this plan is contemplated its  mission, vision and values.

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The mission

To contribute to the progress of society through the creation and transmission of knowledge and the promotion of culture, providing individuals with an all-round education.

The vision

The University will contribute to the all-round education of its students through methods based on learning, with personalised and tutored processes, adapted to the European Higher Education Area. In close collaboration with its socio-economic environment, it shall promote research and, through the transfer of knowledge, it shall be a key figure in Navarre’s innovation system.

It shall strive to make specialisation its hallmark, allowing it to serve as a leading light in the academic field at both national and international levels. Together with a University Community committed to society, the University shall apply the criteria of Social Responsibility to all its activity. It shall generate a work environment that enables its team to develop their professional lives in the best possible manner.

The values

The Public University of Navarre backs the Campus of Commitment project, which sets the bases for the behaviour of the organisational culture, the values of which are: Quality, Effort, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Team Work, Harmony in Diversity, Social Leadership and Social Responsibility.

Strategic Plan
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