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María Dolores Ugarte
Personal Profile
Research Activities
Research focus
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Selected Publications

Editorial Work
Academic Year 2022-2023
Teaching Books
S-PLUS and R Functions
Statistical Societies

Research Focus


  • Spatial and temporal modelling: geostatistics and areal data. Models and applications

    1.- Disease mapping

    2.- Remote sensing applications


  • Small area estimation: EBLUP estimators, Mean Squared Error (MSE) calculation, models with constraints, GLMM

    1.- Applications in official statistics: estimation of unemployment rates per counties, estimation of economic magnitudes per industrial sectors and/or geographical agrupations.

    2.- Epidemiological applications: estimation of incidence and mortality rates in local health areas, estimation of mortality rates by professional activities.

    3.- Agricultural applications: estimation of surfaces occupied by different crops per counties, yield estimation.





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