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Titular Universidad

  • Department: ECONOMÍA
  • Area: Economía Aplicada
  • e-mail: ariadna.garciaATunavarra.es
  • Phone number: (+34) 948 16 9648 (ext. 9648)


Website: https://sites.google.com/view/ariadnagarcia-prado/home

PhD in Economics. Universidad Pública de Navarra, Spain. March 2004.

B.A. in Economics and Business.  Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, 1995.

B.A. in Piano. Conservatorio Superior Pablo Sarasate, Pamplona, 1996.

B.A. in Chamber Music. Conservatorio Superior Pablo Sarasate, Pamplona, 2001.

Research areas: Health Economics, Development Economics, Applied microeconomics, Behavioral Economics.


Universidad Pública de Navarra.

Associate Professor. Economics Department. 2011-until present.

International Relations Coordinator. Faculty of Economics and Business. 2013-2019.

Director of Institutional Relations, Vicerrectorate of Institutional Relations. 2016-2019.

Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC (USA). Social Protection Specialist. 2008-2011

Boston University, Boston (USA). Economics Department. 2007-2008

World Bank, Washington DC (USA). Health Economist (2005-2007 and 2000-2001)

Hlsp consulting/Mott Macdonald group. Health Economist. 2004-2005.

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (USA). Visiting Researcher (2002-2003)

Universidad Pública de Navarra. Economics Department. 1999-2004


  • Benito, J., Echavarri, R., García Prado, A. and Oses-Eraso, N. 2021. Using visual stimuli to promote healthy snack choices among children. Social Science and Medicine 270:113587.
  • García Prado, A. 2019. Changing behavioral patterns related to maternity and childbirth in rural and poor populations: a critical review. World Bank Research Observer, .
  • Arrieta, García Prado, González y Pinto-Prades 2017. Risk attitudes in medical decisions for others: an experimental approach. Health Economics 26(3):97-113.
  • Arrieta, A. and García Prado, A. 2016. Non-elective C-sections in public hospitals: capacity constraints and doctor incentives”. Applied Economics, 48 (49):4719-4731
  • Cristia J., García Prado, A., and Peluffo, C. 2015. “The impact of Contracting in and Contracting out basic health services: The Guatemalan Experience”. World Development  70: 215-227.
  • Arrieta A, and García Prado, A. 2015. “Cost-sharing and hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions”. Social Science and Medicine124:115-120.
  • Maternity waiting homes and institucional birth in Nicaragua: policy options and strategic implications” (con Cortez, R.). International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 2012, 27(2):150-166.
  • “The Private Health Care Sector and the provision of prenatal care services in Latin America” (con Arrieta, A. and Guillen, J.). World Development 39: 615- 622, 2011.
  • “ Whom do physicians work for? An Analysis of Dual Practice in the Health Sector" (con Paula Gonzalez). Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 36 (2): 265-294, 2011.
  • Contracting and Providing Basic Health Care Services in Honduras: A Comparison of Traditional and Alternative Service Delivery Models (con Lao Peña, C.) Health Nutrition and Population (HNP) Policy Paper. The World Bank, 2010.
  • “Policy and Regulatory responses to dual job practice in the health sector” (con Paula González). Health Policy 14 (5); 513-525, 2007.
  • Accounting for Productivity and Quality in Public Hospitals: Evidence from Costa Rica” (con PabloArocena). Health economics16.667-685,2007.
  • “The impact of hospital management reforms on absenteeism in Costa Rica” (con Mukesh Chawla). Health Policy and Planning, March 21(2):91-100, 2006.
  • “Sweetening the carrot: motivating public physicians for better performance”. World Bank Policy Series 3772. Nov.2005
  • “El pluriempleo entre los profesionales sanitarios: un análisis de sus causas e implicaciones” (jointly with Paula González). Gaceta Sanitaria (Journal of the Spanish Society of Public Health and Health Administration) 20 (2): 29-40, 2006


Research Project PID2019-104452RB-100. Ministry of Science and Innovation. PI: Paula Gonzalez. 

Research Project: Educational Messages: How to prevent obesity and overweight? The effect of information on health and food choices during childhood. Government of Navarra. PI: Ariadna García Prado.

Research Project ECO2015-65031-R: Rational Decisions and Social Welfare. Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (2015-2018). PI: Ricardo Arlegi and Jorge Nieto.

Research Project ECO2012-36480: “Analysis of Public Economy and Welfare”. Ministry of Sciencia and Innovation (2012-2014). PI: Paula González.

Research Project ECO2008-04321/ECON:Health Policies and Welfare: Incentives and Regulation”. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (2009-2011).PI: Nicolás Porteiro.


Health Economics, Development Economics, Microeconomics I and II, Introduction to Economics and Macroeconomics  for undergraduates

Health Economics for master students: Boston University, University of Georgia (USA) and UPNA.

Development Economics for master students: University of Sorbonne (Paris), since 2020 to date.

PhD courses: Experimental Economics Applied to Health. University of Insubria (Italy), Economics Department. 2020.


  • Best paper presented, Spanish Health Economics Association Meeting (El Escorial, Madrid), 2004
  • Best Professor, Fall 2016. University of Lund ( Sweden).
  • Post-doctoral Grant. Ministry of Education and Science of Spain.  Boston University, 2007-2008
  • Academic Foreign Grants. Public University of Navarra, Spain. Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore (USA). 2002-2003.
  • Pre-doctoral Grant. Ministry of Education and Science, Spain (1996- 1999).
  • Intercampus Program. Financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spain. Universidad Nacional del Comahue. Department of Economics. Neuquen (Argentina), 1995.
  • Erasmus Grant awarded to teach at University of Georgia, US (Master in Public Health and Master in Development Economics). November 2017
  • Erasmus Grant awarded to teach at Sorbonne University, France (Master in Development Economics). April 2020


Academic Director and Coordinator of the course:  "Economic Evaluation of Health Safety and Environmental Programs" together with Indiana University. UPNA, 2012, 2013,  2014 y 2016.

Evaluator for the National Agency of Academic Evaluation, Spain, since 2019.

Member of the Spanish network on experimental and behavioral economics (Red2018-102353-T) and member of the International Behavioral and Experimental Health Economics Network (from 2016-to date).

Member of the Editorial Committee of the Health Economics Bulletin edited by the Spanish Health Economics Association. From 2012 to date.


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