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INARBE is made up of more than 70 researchers grouped in different categories according to their contracts and research experience. The inscription is permanently open to facilitate the incorporation of both  senior and junior talented researchers

Type of Members

  • Principal Researcher: staff with permanent relationship with UPNA and two or more positive evaluations by the National Ministry (Sexenio) of the research activity, the last one active.
  • Linked Researcher: UPNA researcher with a positive evaluation of the research activity by the National Ministry (Sexenio) or equivalent merits.
  • Collaborator Researcher: doctors with a minimum of one-year relationship with UPNA who do not meet the requirements of  Principal or Linked researchers.
  • PhD Researchers: PhD students of UPNA and whose tutor or director is Principal or Linked Researcher of the Institute.

Only the Principal Researchers are part of the INARBE Governing Council, which is the highest decision-making body of the institute. The list with all the researchers who are part of Inarbe can be consulted here

How to become a member of INARBE

The application for admission of a new member will be made by the candidate through an email addressed to "" indicating the type of membership requested and, where appropriate, supporting documentation. The incorporation can be processed by the Permanent Commission “ad Cautelam” but must be ratified by the Council of the Institute.

The management team consists of:

Mar Rubio-Varas

Oscar Martín
Deputy Director

Marta Arce

INARBE also has a permanent commission formed by the management team and:

  • Alejandro Bello Pintado
  • Monica Cortinas Ugalde
  • Ariadna García Prado
  • Fco. Javier Husillos Carques
  • Hugo López López
  • Luis Fernando Muga Capero

The list of members of the INARBE is alive so that as new members are admitted or some leave, it is updated. The members listed below are only those who have given their consent to have their picture appear on the web.

Principal Researchers:

Mª Jesús Abinzano INARBE
MªIsabel Abinzano
Ricardo Aláez Maria Luisa Arcos INARBEMaria Luisa Arcos Ritxar Arlegui Comisión Permanente Inarbe
Ritxar Arlegui
Pablo Arocena Director INARBE
Pablo Arocena
Alberto Bayo Comisión Permanente Inarbe
Alberto Bayo
Cristina Bayona INARBE
Cristina Bayona
Alejandro Bello INARBE
Alejandro Bello
Jon Benito INARBE
Jon Benito
Juan Manuel Cabasés INARBE
Juan Manuel Cabasés
Campion Mª Jesús
MªJesús Campión
Mikel Casares - INARBE
Mikel Casares
Javier Cebollada INARBE
Javier Cebollada
Ignacio Contin INARBE

Ignacio Contin
Pilar Corredor Secretaria INARBE
Pilar Corredor
Monica Cortiñas
Raquel Chocarro Joseba De la Torre
Mª Angeles Eguskiza
Margarita Elorz
Roberto Ezcurra INARBE
Roberto Ezcurra
Teresa García Marco
Teresa García
Carmen García
Mª Carmen García

Ariadna García
Ariadna García
Antonio Gómez INARBEAntonio Gómez Salomé Goñi José Luis Goñi Teresa Hualde INARBE
Teresa Hualde
Emilio Huerta
Emilio Huerta

 Francisco Javier Husillos
José Miguel Lana Rafaél Lara comisión permanente Inarbe
Rafaél Lara
Martín Larraza INARBE
Martín Larraza
Hugo López Luis Muga INARBE
Luis Muga
José Miguel Múgica
Imanol Nuñez INARBE
Imanol Nuñez
Nuria Osés INARBE
Nuria Osés
Pedro Pascual Subdirector INARBE
Pedro Pascual
Gloria Sanz
Katrin Simon INARBE
Katrin Simon

Linked Researchers:


Elena Ferrer INARBE
Elena Ferrer
Lucía Garcés - INARBE
Lucía Garcés
Ana González INARBE
Ana González
Julen Llorens
Francisco José López Raquel Luquin José Manual Mansilla Sara Martinez de Morentín
Andrea Ollo Juan Carlos Sáenz    







Armajac Raventos


PhD Researchers:

Harold Bonilla

Sara Cano

Mikel Hualde


Álvaro Saavedra




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