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INAMAT2 carries out, through contracts with companies and/or entities, advisory and consulting activities (studies, test …) around its areas of knowledge in order to find novel solutions to specific problems or finding new products. INAMAT2 provides to the companies and society in general their knowledge and experience in areas such as alternative materials, optimization and control of industrial processes, green chemistry, alternatives for improving the quality of water resources, control of contaminants, surface engineering, among others.

Specifically, some of the most demanded specialized consulting services are:

  •     Application of neutron techniques to the study of materials
  •     Design, synthesis, evaluation and optimization of new substances
  •     Microstructural characterization of materials
  •     Hyperthermia
  •     Analysis and Resolution of Statistical Problems
  •     Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles and porous materials
  •     Development of multifunctional sensors
  •     Phase transitions in materials of scientific and technological interest
  •     Analysis of the magnetic properties of materials
  •     Mechanical behavior of materials
  •     Mathematical modelling of engineering problems, resource optimisation

INAMAT2 Institute for Advanced Materials and Mathematics
Edificio Jerónimo de Ayanz
Campus de Arrosadia
31006 Pamplona-Iruña
Tel. +00 34 948 169512
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