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The Institute for Advanced Materials and Mathematics (INAMAT2 ) was created in 2014 and is attached to the Public University of Navarre. It works on the generation of knowledge and the development of technologies in the field of advanced materials as well as the study of mathematical models from different points of view, both statistical and theoretical and applied mathematics. In the field of advanced materials his work focuses on strategies, both physical and chemical, based on synthesis, preparation of new materials and the study of their properties in macroscopic dimensions, thin films and nanometric structures. The multidisciplinary nature of its researchers allows it to develop a wide range of scientific possibilities, but always with the common objectives of development, dissemination and transfer from the various fields that develop their research.

Its more than 80 researchers are distributed in different areas of physics, chemistry and mathematics, which allows for multidisciplinary synergies and advances in a realistic scientific study of great scientific quality.



The institute is made up of researchers from 16 research groups from various departments with complementary areas of knowledge, which gives the multidisciplinary character to the projects undertaken by INAMAT2 . The departments involved are:

  •     Sciences.
  •     Statistics, Informatics and Mathematics.
  •     Engineering.

INAMAT2 Institute for Advanced Materials and Mathematics
Edificio Jerónimo de Ayanz
Campus de Arrosadia
31006 Pamplona-Iruña
Tel. +00 34 948 169512
Contact by E-mail