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International internships

Grants for Internships in Non-European Countries






RESOLUCIÓN 315/2018, de 27 de junio, de la Directora General de Política Económica y Empresarial y Trabajo, por la que se procede a la convocatoria de 2018-2019 de “Becas para la realización de prácticas en países extracomunitarios.

RESOLUCIÓN 592/2018 de 19 de octubre, de la Directora General de Política Económica y Empresarial y Trabajo, por la que se conceden 22 becas para la realización de "Prácticas en países extracomunitarios".

The Program of “GRANTS FOR INTERNSHIPS IN NON EUROPEAN COUNTRIES” from the Government of Navarre is intended for the training of recent graduates linked to Navarra through Internship training in non-European entities such as companies, research centers, NGOs, embassies, consulates, Spanish Institute of Tourism Offices and Chambers of Commerce.

The scholarships will have 6-month term of duration.


  1. Recipients
  2. Graduates: What to do if I am interested 
  3. Companies/Institutions: What to do if I am interested
  4. Application
  5. Allowance and Duration 
  6. What to do if I am selected 


1. Recipients

The recipients of these grants must meet at least the following requisites in order to be eligible:

  1. Be a Spanish citizen, or from any other country member of the European community.
  2. Have a link with Navarra, by birth, holding a Foral civil status or be a legal resident in Navarra at least two years before this Opening was published, a census certificate will be needed in order to prove this.
  3. University Graduate (degree or copy of it)
  4. Having not benefited, after graduating from college, from a University graduate internship grant.
  5. No haber cotizado más de 183 días dentro de los grupos de cotización 1 o 2 de la Seguridad Social hasta el momento de la publicación de la convocatoria.
  6. No haber renunciado, excepto por causa de fuerza mayor, a una beca de prácticas internacionales del Gobierno de Navarra concedida en convocatorias anteriores.
  7. Having signed up for the “Training for Internships Abroad” online course, conducted both in the UPNA and the UNAV, regardless where the candidate got his degree from.
  8. Having been selected by a non-European institution, in order to undertake an internship at its headquarters. This can be achieved both by proper means or through offers made by collaborative entities, who will set on their web pages the deadlines to apply for their internships.
  9. Not to be involved in Prohibitions established or Article 13 of the Foral Law 11/2005, 9 th of November, of Financial aid fellowships beneficiaries, which proof can be provided in the form of “Affidavit” included in the application form.


The credentials of compliance with the required documents will be accomplished by attaching the documentation specified on point 6 of the Description.


2. Graduates: What to do if I am interested

1.    Read the requirements, the description of the grant and the information in this page. IT IS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE THAT YOU MAKE SURE YOU FULFILL ALL THE REQUIREMENTS.  

2.    Upload your CV/Resume in our database 


A) En caso de que desees participar en una de nuestras ofertas deberás seguir los siguientes pasos:

  • Sign up for the internship offers you are interested in,  al realizarlo te solicita que adjuntes tu CV.  Dicho documento deberá estar redactado tanto en castellano como en el idioma que requiera la oferta.
  • Send the following documentation to this email address :    

          One just one PDF with “your name+lastnames-documentation” that contains: 


                                     ID or a census certificate if the person is not originally from Navarre

                                     Updated Professional experience

           The PDF document should be emailed under the subject: “BN"

           If you are only applying for more than one of the openings, just need to send it the first time

           You will get an OK confirmation email, to certify we got your documentation.

           En el caso de que observemos que no eres un candidato válido, nos pondremos en contacto contigo.


B) If you file up your own internship, contact directly with us through


Once the candidate has formally ACCEPTED the internship and has been accepted by the company/organization, WILL BE EXCLUDED FROM ANY OTHER SELECTION PROCESS WHERE HE/SHE IS TAKING PART AND ARE STILL PENDING TO BE SOLVED, so the candidate would not have the option to make up his/her mind and change his/her choice. 

The final selection for every candidates in each screening will be done by the company or entity alone, being the candidate asked to sign for his/her formal written acceptance right away. After that being done, the internship will appear listed as “Closed offer” online. This meaning, that for all openings listed as “Closed offers”, there is a person already assigned for it.

Once sorting the Selection Processes and having been chosen by a company, then candidate must prepare and file in the Scholarship Application and the required paperwork, as established on the Description (Points 5 and 6).

El plazo de presentación de solicitudes en Gobierno de Navarra se inicia el día siguiente de la publicación en el BON de la convocatoria y finalizará el día 14 de septiembre de 2018 (incluido). 


3. Companies/Institutions: What do I do if I am interested

Contact directly with us through

4. Application

Submision of Applications

Before filing the application at the Government of Navarra, candidates should already be in possession of an Internship, either chosen from the ones offered by the Foundations or achieved by their own means.

The applications would be looked through by the FUS and the UPNA before their submission to the Government of Navarre to make sure they comply with the requirements demanded at the description.

Solamente puede presentarse una candidatura por participante.

The applications (addressed to the International Projection Service of the Department of Economic Development) would be submitted through the Electronic General Registry of the Navarre Foral Community Administration, for which a Digital Certificate or an electronic ID+PIN is required.

In the event of this not being possible, they could be submitted, as detailed at point 6.2, in any of the places provided in the Article 16.4 of the 39/2015 Law, of October 1 st, of the Public Administrations´ General Administration Procedures Law.


The deadline to apply for the Internships will be specified on the description published by the FUS on each one.

El plazo de presentación de solicitudes en Gobierno de Navarra para optar a la beca se inicia el día siguiente de la publicación en el BON de la convocatoria y finalizará el día 14 de septiembre de 2018 incluido.


The following required documentation needs to be submitted:

1. The application adapted to the available sample on the corresponding file of the Procedure Catalog of the Government of Navarre website (Help sheet) and on the collaborating entities web sites.

2. Copy of ID or equivalent.

3. Copy of a census certificate in Navarre or of holding a Foral civil status in the region (if not born in this region).

4. Copy of University degree.

5. Copy of the Official Transcript of Records, where the average GPA must be included (on a 1 to 10 scale).

6. Professional experience Records.

7.*Supporting document of the preregistration for the Training of the Internship Programmes offered both by the UPNA and the UNAV.

8.*Supporting document of acceptance of the non-European host country where the Internship is going to take place.

9.*Report on Internship details:  entity, location, starting and ending dates, detailed description of the activities to be performed, financial aid (if needed), tutor and any other relevant information.

*Explanatory note: These three documents will be supplied by the FUS once the candidate has been chosen by the company or entity.

 Should the application not be filed by the Electronic General Registry, the required documentation will be provided both in paper and in digital format (CD or USB).


5. Funding and duration

Each intern will receive a gross financial aid amount to cover living expenses, tickets, Visas and insurance, medical assistance and civil liability.

These insurances are on mandatory basis and would procured by the collaborative entities on behalf of the beneficiaries, as long as the candidate does not have a similar insurance. The price of the insurance will need to be reimbursed by the beneficiaries to the contracting entity.

The total amount corresponding to each country are the following:

Angola  7.872 €
Arabia Saudita 7.072 €
Argelia 4.983 €
Argentina  6.233 €
Australia  7.569 €
Bolivia  5.880 €
Brasil  6.585 €
Camerún  6.050 €
Canadá  6.294 €
Chile 6.326 €
China 6.627 €
Colombia 5.824 €
Corea del Sur  6.560 €
Costa Rica  6.169 €
Cuba  6.029 €
Ecuador 5.440 €
EE.UU. (Costa Este) 7.661 €
EE.UU. (Costa Oeste)  7.864 €
EE.UU. (Centro)  7.285 €
Egipto 4.893 €
El Salvador  5.440 €
Filipinas 5.840 €
Ghana 6.720 €
Guatemala 5.566 €
India 6.204 €
Indonesia  5.073 €
Israel 5.405 €
Japón  9.840 €
Jordania  5.120 €
Kazajistán 6.449 €
Kenia  6.429 €
Líbano  5.053 €
Malasia 5.320 €
Marruecos  3.920 €
México  5.393 €
Nigeria  5.024 €
Noruega  5.954 €
Republica Dominicana 4.669 €
Panamá  5.566 €
Paraguay  6.046 €
Rusia  6.260 €
Senegal 5.053 €
Serbia - Montenegro  4.426 €
Singapur  7.427 €
Sudáfrica  5.978 €
Suiza  5.647 €
Tailandia  5.680 €
Taiwán  6.843 €
Túnez  4.146 €
Turquía  4.944 €
Ucrania  4.406 €
Uruguay  6.206 €
Vietnam  6.580 €


For those countries that are not on the list and which host and Internship, an individual estimation will be done.


6. What to do if I am selected by a company?

Before the Internship starts:

  • Sign up the “Scholarship Document of Acceptance” with 10 business days after being personally notified of its grant. 
  • Start working on the arrangements needed to get the proper Visa and to organize the trip (transfer and accommodation). For that means, the intern will get, as far as possible, advice from the Foundation and the host institution. 
  • Assist to an individual briefing for each intern, organized by the FUS. 
  • Arrange or take out and pay, through the collaborative entity, a casualty, trips, medical assistance and civil liability insurance, exempting the bodies in charge of Internship Programme management of liability.

  • Firmar la documentación soporte (convenio) de la práctica con la Fundación Universidad-Sociedad.

Once the internship has started:

  • Payment of fees for the “Training for Internships Abroad” online course.
  • Complete Module 0 of the Training course. 
  • Choose, with the Tutor´s approval, the 4 Modules to be carry out in order to complete 60 hours. 
  • After receiving the Invitation through the online platform, complete the courses before the end of the Internship. 
  • Turn in the required documentation by the “Directorate-General of Political and International Economy of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Navarre Government” on the final phase of the Internship stay. 
  • Carry out all the obligations following from the signing of the Internship.