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Miércoles 21 de noviembre de 2018, 15:00h

Conferencia Paulo Duarte Silveira, Lateral marketing and Digital Marketing

Jeronimo de Ayanza Building (INARBE)

Title: Lateral marketing and Digital Marketing, Operationalization: theoretical presentation and exercises (10-12h)

Target: undergraduate and postgraduate students 


  • Lateral thinking relevance and tools for lateral creative thinking
  • Lateral marketing concept and process
  • Digital marketing specificities
  • Evolution and trends in digital marketing
  • Social media and content marketing principles


"Nowadays, several managements decisions are done very quickly, choosing logical direct solutions to problems. However, there might be alternative ways and not so obvious solutions, that can lead to a more differentiated outcome - e.g. when Danone launched Actimel, creating a new prodcut category. Lateral thinking is a process that helps on achieving that kind of results. In this seminar, we will present and train some principles of the lateral thinking process."

Individual Mentorship with interested participants (12-14h)