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Tablón de Anuncios

Jueves 30 de mayo de 2019

XIII Doctorate in Economics, Management and Organization Workshop (UAB, UIB, UPNA)

May 30-31th 2019, UPNA-INARNE, Pamplona.

XIII Doctorate in Economics, Management and Organization Workshop (UAB, UIB, UPNA).

UPNA- INARNE, Pamplona

Room: Sala Seminario. INARBE

Institute for Advanced Research in Business and Economcis

Edificio Jerónimo Ayanz. Campus Arrosadía

Thurday, May 30th 2019

15:00h Welcome Alejandro Bello-Pintado; Emilio DomínguezPablo Arocena (U. Pública de Navarra)
15:10h Session_1 Chair: Pere Ortín (U. Autónoma de Barcelona)
    Charles Howell (DEMO Program)
“Output Attributes and Hedonic Prices: An Analysis of Airfares”
Discussant: Pablo Arocena (U. Pública de Navarra)
    Myriam Martin-Sanchez (DEMO Program)
“Patent trolls´spillover effects on strategic alliance partners”
Discussant: Paula Anzola (U. Pública de Navarra)
16:40-17:00h Coffee break
17:00h Session_2 Chair: Ainhoa Urtasun (U. Pública de Navarra)
    “Tasks and Skills in Additive versus Traditional Manufacturing: A First Look at Evidence from Job Vacancies”
Avner-Ben-ner (Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota)
18:00-18:15h Indoor coffee break
18:15h Session_3 Chair: Emili Grifell (U. Autónoma de Barcelona)
    Muhamad Ismail (DEMO Program)
“Effects of cognitive proximity and collaboration breadth on innovative performance”
Discussant: Valentina Lazzarotti (Carlo Cattaneo Universit, Italy)
    Jessica Ellis (DEMO Program)
“Strategic uncertainty and social preferences in weak-link coordination games”
Discussant: Juan María Ortiz (Middlesex University)
19:30h End of first-day sessions

Friday, May 31th 2019

9:00h Session_4 Chair: Alejandro Bello-Pintado (U. Pública de Navarra)
    Loha Lashimi (DEMO Program)
“The impact of regulations/lack of regulations on the evolvement of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) ecosystem”
Discussant: Beatriz Martínez-García (U. Pública de Navarra)
    Huong Thu Nguyen (DEMO Program)
“Implementing the quadruple helix of innovation: A case study of living lab”
Discussant: To be defined
    Paula Infantes (DEMO Program)
“Business groups and internationalization: Effective identification and future agenda”
Discussant: Oscar Martín (U. Pública de Navarra)
11:00-11:30h Coffee break
11:30h Session_5 Chair: Teresa García (U. Pública de Navarra)
    “Open innovation survey project: theoreticalfoundationsand first insights from Italian data”
Valentina Lazzarotti (Carlo Cattaneo Universit, Italy)
12:30-12:45h Indoor coffee break
12:45h Session_6 Chair: Lluis Bru (U. Autònoma de Barcelona)
    Néstor Salcedo (DEMO Program)
“Corporate Governance Changes, New Institutional ownership structures and specific investments: The case of firms listed on Iberoamerican stock exchanges”
Discussant: Vicente Salas (U. de Zaragoza)

Justin Davis (DEMO Program)
“CFO replacement and quality of financial reports”
Discussant: Alberto Bayo-Moriones (U. Pública de Navarra)

14:00h Final remarks Alejandro Bello-Pintado (U. Pública de Navarra).
14:15h Lunch Restaurant UPNA