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Jueves 29 de febrero de 2024

Responsible research (ethics and integrity)

It is an activity organized within the framework of the WIT (Welcoming International Talent) program.

By Prof. Joaquín Sevilla Moróder


The process of obtaining good science is less obvious than it may appear; besides adequate experimental designs and careful data gathering, researchers must be cautious about issues such as ethics, integrity, or data openness. All these aspects concerning good practices are commonly known as 'responsible research.' Specific training on responsible research was not on the menu of doctoral studies in the past; it was more or less assumed that good practices derived from being good persons. However, advances in studies about science misconduct show that this is not the case; researchers end up with loose procedures without realizing it can be a problem. Specific training on ethics and integrity is considered now an important building block in the first steps of the scientific career.


  • Responsible Research: Definition. Epistemic and non-epistemic values to preserve.
  • Research Integrity: The revival model of "the rotten apple" and more realistic ones.
  • Research Ethics: History, main concerns, and legal requirements.
  • Practical Cases Analysis and Discussion.

Dates: March 12 and 13

Schedule: 10:00 a 12:00

Location: EDONA training room ( El Sario building)

Number of students: 25

EHT: up to 2 EHT (equivalent hours of training)