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The Foundation

Fundación Jaime Brunet and the Jaime Brunet Prize

The Fundación Jaime Brunet is a permanent, private cultural foundation of public interest founded in accordance with Law 44 of the New Charter of Navarre. It aims to encourage respect for human dignity, basic freedoms and human rights, and contribute to the eradication of inhumane and degrading situations and treatment. The Foundation promotes activities which pursue this objective and studies related to respect for said values.

More specifically, and among other activities, it awards the Jaime Brunet Romero prize as a means of acknowledging academic work, literary and audiovisual work, and the trajectories of individuals or institutions which have stood out in the promotion of human rights.

It also runs seminars and conferences, the aim of which is to analyse and defend human rights. The Foundation's headquarters are in the Building of the Rector’s Office at the Public University of Navarre.

The Board of Trustees is chaired by the Rector Alfonso Carlosena and the Vice-chairperson is Joaquín Ignacio Mencos Doussinague, Marqués de la Real Defensa.

 Profile of Jaime Brunet

Jaime Brunet Romero was born in Bayonne (France) on the 20th of July 1926 and died on the 4th of January 1992 in San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa). Born into a family of Catalan businesspeople who moved to Guipúzcoa in the 18th century (where they performed significant industrial work), he was educated in a liberal environment, highly critical of the times in which he lived. He was encouraged to study Law by his father, Jaime Brunet Goitia, local head of the Republican Party, elected Deputy Mayor of San Sebastián, where his grandfather and great-grandfather had also previously held the post of Mayor. He studied at the University of Valladolid, where he worked for some time as an Assistant Professor.

His love of reading was only matched by that of learning languages, which allowed him to get by with ease on his many travels, which took him, despite the difficulties of the day, to more than thirty countries. It was during his travels that he realised the degree of discrimination, violence and abuse of the weak by the powerful still present in the XX century and the ease with which the most elementary of human rights were infringed on a daily basis. During the later years of his life, his sensitivity towards human rights and the defence of civil freedom, even in the face of the Public Authorities, became a constant concern.

In the absence of heirs, and stirred by a disgust for injustice, he decided to leave his fortune in order that a foundation bearing his name be created on his death devoted to disseminating human rights and rewarding those whose work in their defence should merit such recognition. This led to the creation of the Fundación Jaime Brunet Romero, based at the Public University of Navarre, in accordance with his last will and testament.

Patronato de la Fundación

Honorary Chair: President of the Spanish Parliament

Honorary Vice-Chair: President of the Parliament of Navarre

Chair: Alfonso Carlosena

Vice-Chair:  Joaquín Mencos Doussinague

Secretary:  Francisco Javier Blázquez Ruiz


  • Antonio Gorri Goñi
  • Francisco Javier Blázquez Ruiz
  • José Luis Iriarte Ángel
  • Patricia Plaza Ventura
  • José María Rifá Soler
  • Alejandro Torres Gutiérrez
  • Carlos Tamburri Moso
  • Luis Guillermo Perinat Elío
  • Javier Sáinz de los Terreros Goñi

Advisor:  Fátima Baigorri Romero


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