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Hospital Campus


Facha de la Escuela Universitaria de Estudios SanitariosThe Faculty of Health Sciences is located in Navarra Hospital Complex area to make it easier for students to carry out practical work. The Faculty came into operation in the academic year 1989-1990, carrying on with the academic work already in progress at the Government of Navarre’s University School of Nursing. The first Nursing Diploma students graduated from the Public University of Navarre in the academic year 1992-1993

The Faculty of Health Sciences is an academic centre belonging to the Public University of Navarre, which is responsible for organising teaching and the academic, administrative and managerial processes leading to the attainment of the official Degree in Nursing (Pamplona Campus) and Physiotherapy (Tudela Campus).

As part of the University, the Faculty shares its mission of creating and passing on knowledge and culture, contributing to innovation, change and progress in Navarrese society and to the all-round training of degrees holders to endow them with technical ability, a constructive critical spirit and a sense of responsibility, in pursuit of the highest levels of quality, effectiveness and social responsibility.

The Faculty aims to educate university students to perform their professional work fully and responsibly both in Spain and Europe as a whole.


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