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María Dolores Ugarte
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Some Research Projects


1.-"Contributions to spatio-temporal modelling with appplications in epidemiology, climatology, paleoecology, and GNSS". Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MTM2011-22664). 2011-2011. Main Researcher.

2.-"Spatio-temporal evolution of risks and high-risks areas detection". Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MTM2011-22664). 2011-2011. Main Researcher.

3.-"Methods for small area estimation: an application to estimate rates by counties". Spanish Ministry of Science and Education (MTM2005-00511). 2006-2008. Main Researcher.

4.-"Small Area Estimators". EUSTAT (Statistical Office of the Basque Country) 2003-2009. Main Researcher (together with A.F. Militino).

5.-"Small Area Estimation of Crops Acreage Using Spatial Linear Models and Satellite Data" . Science and Technology Ministry 2001 - 2003. Member of the Research Team.

6.-"Spatio-temporal Modelling of Incidence and Mortality Rates in Navarra" . Navarra Government. 2002 - 2005. Main Researcher.

7.-"Inequalities in Health: Mortality Differences by Basic Health Zones in Navarra". Navarra Government. 1999 - 2002. Main Researcher.

8.- "Spanish Multicenter study of the short-term effects of air pollution on health". Carlos III Institute of Health. FIS. 2000-2003. Member of the Research Team.





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