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Knowledge transfer

In the five years since its creation, INARBE has established itself as a reference for the transfer of knowledge, with multiple collaborations with the Government of Navarra and businesses located in the región. In all, knowledge transfer has gone from a negligible contribution towards INARBEs funding to some 145,000 in 2019 (33% of the entire funding). Over the past 5 years INARBEs members have contributed to over one hundred contracts at the local and regional SMEs, Business Associations, Municipalities, NGOs, etc, but also to almost 25 contracts with national and international entities. 

INARBE researchers produce studies and reports related to their strategic lines, through TRANSFER CONTRACTS  with private companies and public bodies within the framework of its strategic lines.

Transfer contracts


Economic analysis of organizations and business strategy

  • Organizational practices and impact on business strategies and results.
  • Business innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth.
  • Measurement and determinants of efficiency and productivity in public and private organizations.
  • Financing decisions.
  • Distribution and marketing strategies, analysis of consumer behavior and consumer law.
  • Fundamentals for economic decision making: individual decision models, rationality and strategic behaviors.

Economic analysis of markets

  • Regulation and operation of financial markets: commercial and banking legislation, regulation of the financial system and price formation.
  • Organization, regulation and competition in the energy sectors.
  • Labor market, labor law and labor relations.

Public Policy Analysis

  • Health economics: economic evaluation, financing and health law.
  • Agrifood economy and politics: agriculture, agribusiness and food in historical perspective.
  • Fiscal decentralization and financing of sub-state governments.
  • Growth, inequality and regional disparities in the European Union.


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