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Blue Ocean Strategy. In the mind of the innovator


In an extremely competitive business environment, the professional manager needs to engage in a cyclical approach to decision making, recognizing the complexities of no-win situations, and adopting pertinent innovative global strategies to deal with them. 

This course is about Value Innovation, and the participant engages in a systematic process of innovative thinking around business issues set in a highly competitive environment and declining market, looking for a disruptive solution. This process equips the participant with a unique perspective and approach to the solving of difficult issues under time pressure.

The idea that services could be the ultimate competitive advantage for any business is inbuilt into the course.

The course is built arround the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) disruptive and bestseller idea, and students will participate in the BOSS business strategy simulation software (BOSS).


February, 2018: 19th, 20th & 21st.
March, 2018: 6th & 7th.


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BOS: Blue Ocean Strategy. The mind of the innovator is designed for junior and senior professionals, and graduate students in general, who seek to change the traditional ways of competing and to help their organizations to grow in existing and new markets.



The course takes place in five sessions. The course will have a pragmatic approach, and will consist in theory lectures and simulation decisions that will allow a bigger and faster learning of the model and its concepts.

Class discussions and opinion exchange between the participants are essential for the course. To obtain most benefits from the course it is necessary to attend to classes having already read and prepared the readings and the manuals, and it will be assumed that all participants did that work.

Teamwork is a key tool in modern management, and it will be expected that all participants have discussed and prepared the simulation decisions with the other members of his group. Work groups will be form by 3 to 5 participants.

Session 1. Introduction to BOS (Red Ocean). BOSS decisions start.

Sessions 2 to 4. BOSS decisions complemented with lectures.

Session 5. Final presentaions. Review and winner awards.



February, 2018: 19th, 20th & 21st.
March, 2018: 6th & 7th.

From 16.30 hours to 21.00 hours:

The course with a total of 22,5 hours is equivalent to 3 ECTS.



Non-UPNA students: 360 €

UPNA Community members: 324 €

Former UPNA alumni part of the A3U programme: 324 €



Iñigo Echeveste Otegui, 

Academic Background

PhD., ESSEC Business School, 2012; Doctorado Universite de Paris-X, Nanterre, 2012; Master of Science in Industrial Administration (MBA), Purdue University, USA; Master of Engineering, Purdue University, USA; Ingeniero  Industrial. Escuela Superior Ingeniería Industrial, Universidad de Navarra

Professional Experience 

(2007— present, France). Consulplusteach President; ESSEC Management Education, Lecturer and Academic advisor; Partner, Merco-Austral Consulting, Paris. Strategic Consultancy for service companies in France (internationalisation process). Some customers: Gas de France, Moebius.

(1998-2003, Argentina). Strategic Consultancy for service companies in France (internationalisation process in Latinamerica: Venezuela, subsidiaries in Mexico, joint-venture with North American companies). Some customers: Aguas Provinciales de Santa Fe.

(1993-1998, Spain). Strategic Consultancy in internationalisation for SME, under the umbrela of the Instituto de Comercio Exterior (ICEX, Spanish Government). PIPE 2000 programme advisor:



Javier Cebollada,

Associate Professor of Marketing, Upna



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Admission to the course will be decided by the academic direction having into account the order of registration exclusively. Admission to the course will be notified by email.


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