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PhD students must initially register in the Postgraduate Office (Administration) as follows:
- End of October, for those accepted up to the end of the registration period.
- End of February, for those accepted between November and the end of the registration period.
(See the exact periods by clicking on Academic Calendar)

Documentation to be presented:
• Authenticated copies of first degree and Master’s degree certificates, or equivalents, indicating that PhD acceptance requirements are met.
• Thesis pledge document, signed by the parties.
• Document accrediting exemptions of any kind, discount on or exemption from tuition fees.
• Passport-size photograph, if the student is not an UPNA graduate.
Applicants who have studies abroad must present all the relevant documentation translated into Spanish and officially authenticated.
Initial registration includes payment of the public fees for opening the relevant academic file, administration and academic tutelage. Students registering in February pay half the academic tutelage fee. If relevant, students must also register and pay the tuition fees for the complementary courses that he/she is required to take in the academic year.
Registration and the payment of fees is valid for the relevant academic year.
The date of initial registration marks the start of the period up to the deadline for completion of the student’s doctoral thesis.

Research plan
PhD students must prepare a research plan on the subject agreed on with their tutor and present it before the Doctorate School of Navarre (EDONA) within 6 months of initial registration. The plan must be signed by the student, supervisor, tutor and, if relevant, other researchers proposed as thesis supervisors or co-supervisors. The signatures must be original and the contents in line with the standard layout.
As many signed copies as there are signatories plus one copy for the student’s academic file must be presented.

The academic committee for the programme will reach its decision within one month and this decision must be ratified by the EDONA permanent committee. If the decision is favourable, the student is assigned a thesis supervisor, who may or may not be his/her tutor, and, in the event, co-supervisors.
If the plan is rejected, the permanent committee may, if it sees fit, set a new deadline for the modification or correction of the research plan.

Each new academic year, the Postgraduate Office automatically re-registers PhD students for academic tutelage and sends the documentation to the student so that he/she can pay the public tuition fees.
PhD students must re-register for tutelage each academic year until they read their theses (public fees for administration, academic tutelage and complementary courses if the successful completion of any remains pending).