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The University Senate

The University Senate is the maximum representative body of the university community. It approves the general action guidelines for the different areas of university life and supervises the management of the University itself.

It comprises by the Rector, who acts as chairperson, the General Secretary and General Manager as ex oficio members, and 120 members, 71 of whom are PhD Professors on the permanent University staff, 13 of whom are tenured non-PhD Professors and research and teaching staff not on the permanent University staff, 24 of whom are students, and 12 of whom are administration and service staff.

The Senate’s functions include writing and reforming the Statutes, electing and removing the Rector, and approving the University’s general guidelines for action, particularly in the fields of teaching, research and administration.  See the Regulations governing the composition and election of the Senate

Senate Committee

Ramón Gonzalo García

Roldán Jimeno Aranguren


  • Representatives of PhD Professors on the permanent University staff

Rosa María Murillo Pérez
María Henar Urmeneta Martín-Calero
María Sandra Cavero Brújula

  • Representative of tenured non-PhD Professors and research and teaching staff not on the permanent University staff

María Napal Fraile

  • Students

Garazi Migueltorena Michelena
Maitane Eleta Ibáñez

  • Administration and Service Staff

José Javier Labayen Errea

Members of the Senate

Ex officio Members

  • Ramón Gonzalo García
  • Roldán Jimeno Aranguren
  • Joaquín Romero Roldán




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