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Board of governors

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The Governing Council is the University’s ordinary governing body. It is formed by the Rector, the General Secretary, the General Manager and twenty-three other members, three of whom must be members of the Social Council and the remaining twenty, members of the university community.

Its functions include:

  • Presenting the University’s proposed multiannual programme and proposed annual budget to the Social Council for approvall
  • Approving teaching staff modification proposals
  • Approving curricula
  • Establishing criteria for the selection, hiring and promotion of teaching and administration and service staff
  • Naming the members of the committees in charge of the selection process for places in University Teaching Bodies
  • Approving the conditions for the recognition of official studies and defining the University’s own studies and qualifications
  • Setting the maximum number of students and the requirements needed in order to access first- and second-cycle studies
  • Approving general research plans
  • Establishing criteria for the evaluation of the work of teaching and administration and service staff
  • Ratifying collaboration and exchange agreements
  • Approving the work and academic calendar


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