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Jueves 28 de enero de 2021

Seminario de Investigación INAMAT ^2: Spatial Confounding and Restricted Spatial Regression Method

Por Kori Khan

El Instituto INAMAT ^2 organiza el Seminario de investigación titulado: Spatial Confounding and Restricted Spatial Regression Method impartido por Kori Khan de la Iowa State University.

Fecha: 28 de enero de 2021 a las 16:30 h.

Presentación telemática mediante Zoom. Se enviará enlace a los inscritos. Es necesario inscribirse antes del 27 de enero a las 18:00 h.


The issue of spatial confounding between the spatial random effect and the fixed effects in regression analyses has been identified as a concern in the statistical literature. Multiple authors have offered perspectives on this issue and potential solutions. In this talk, we will focus on the areal spatial data setting. It turns out that many of the methods designed to alleviate spatial confounding can be viewed as special cases of a general class of models in this setting. Extending terminology currently in use, we refer to this class as Restricted Spatial Regression (RSR) models. We show that the use of these methods has counterintuitive consequences which defy the general expectations in the literature.  In particular, our results and accompanying simulations suggest that RSR methods will typically perform worse than non-spatial methods. Time permitting, we will discuss proposed alternatives for addressing spatial confounding.


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