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U-Ranking (Fundación BBVA-IVIE)


This ranking classifies 61 Spanish universities (48 country’s public universities and 11 private universities) according to their total volume of results in terms of teaching, research and innovation/technological development. Its report provides two general classifications; one based on each university’s total volume of results (U-Ranking Volume) and another based on productivity (U-Ranking), which corrects for size.

Each university is rated according to the score obtained by applying a synthetic indicator. Those universities with the same score are all ranked together on the same level.

In the overall index of productivity for 2017, the Public University of Navarre is classified on the 6th of 11 levels; there are 15 universities with higher levels, 16 on the same level and 30 universities with lower levels. It is very well placed in the field of Innovation and technological development.



UPNA level

UPNA score No.of Univ. with higher levels No. of Univ. with the same level No. of Univ. with lower levels
Overall 6/11 1,1 15 16 30
Teaching 4/9 1,1 14 14 33
Research 8/14 1,0 25 13 23
Innovation and technological development    11/23 1,5 15 1 45