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Recognition and transfer of credits


You can ask for a recognition of credits if you have passed subjects in other universities or due to work experience. The procedure consists of, first, enrolling in the Master degree subjects, i.e. those appearing in the self-enrolment programme, and, then, requesting recognition.

Once the request has been resolved, the Post-graduate section or the Centre will send you the corresponding notification and you will have the possibility of reducing the enrolment fee.


Recognition: Acceptance on behalf of the Public University of Navarre of the credits obtained in other official teaching areas. The number of credits remaining to be passed in the destination degree should diminish in the same amount as the number of credits recognized.

 Transference: Allocation, in the official academic documents accrediting the  studies  taken by each student, of all the credits obtained in official studies previously  pursued which have not led to the obtaining of an official qualification.