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Fees and payment

Consult the  course prices 

One single payment or payment in instalments

This should be specified when enrolling.

  • Single payment:

Should be made in: Banco Santander, CaixaBank, Caja Rural de Navarra, , BBVA, Caja Laboral or Banco Popular in 15 natural days as from the date of enrolling.

In the exceptional enrolment periods, enrolment extension, or due to a recalculation derived from the resolution of grants, the payment of the corresponding amount should be made in a single payment in the time limit indicated.

Payment in instalments

Payment will be made in four instalments, which will be remitted in the following time limits and amounts:

- 1st payment = 40% of the total, 15 days after enrolling. If this is not made, the University will proceed ex officio to cancel the enrolment; the administration fees and the student`s insurance should be included in their full amount in this first payment.
- 2nd payment  = 20% of the total, between 19 October and 8 November, 2015.
- 3rd payment = 20% of the total, between 18 January and 7 February, 2016.
- 4th payment = 20% of the total,  between 4 and 24 April, 2016.

Payment in instalments will not be applied for amounts of below 350 €. 


Mode of payment

Payment online or personally at a bank

 Students from abroad

Students who live abroad and do not have a current account in Spain at the moment of enrolling will pay online. If they have any difficulties in doing so, they should contact posgrado@unavarra  where they will be given the necessary instructions.

Enrolment as a grantholder

Provided that you fulfill the academic requirements and apply for the grant in the deadlines established by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (or the Basque Government if you live in that Autonomous Community), You only have to pay the administration fees and school insurance the Ministry comes to a decision about the grant.

Remember that the subsequent concession of the grant is also conditioned by compliance with the economic requirements established by the call.