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Application for admission

In order to be admitted as a PhD student, you must proceed as follows:

Check that you meet the general requirements for acceptance and see the PhD programmes available.

You must then contact the coordinator of the PhD programme you are interested in at the EDONA, Postgraduate Office or the Information Office. The coordinator will inform you how to contact a potential tutor.

Apply for admission to the PhD programme. Application period: all year. The following documentation must be presented at the Postgraduate Office:
• Application form
• National ID document (DNI), Foreign Citizen ID Number (NIE) or passport.
• PhD student application endorsement. This must be signed by your proposed tutor. If your thesis supervisor is not your tutor, then both your tutor and supervisor must sign, with the approval of the Head of the Department or Centre in which the research is to be performed and, if relevant, the approval of the Head of the Research Group of which you are to form part. The endorsement should include a brief description of the proposed thesis summarising the research to be performed.
• Copies of first degree and master’s degree certificates, or equivalents, indicating that PhD acceptance requirements are met.
• First degree and master’s degree academic files.
• CV.
• (If relevant) Letters of recommendation from researchers of recognised standing.
• (If relevant) Signed pledge to comply with the conditions of acceptance set by the Academic Committee for the PhD programme.
If registration depends on your being awarded a scholarship/grant or other form of aid, you must indicate the details of the relevant call/application. If admission is required in order to apply for the scholarship/grant, then you must also indicate as such.
The application must be addressed to the Academic Committee for the programme in question and presented at the Postgraduate Studies Office (Administration).

Admission decision. Within one month of presentation, the Academic Committee for the programme will announce its decision on admission. If the decision is favourable, you will be assigned a tutor, who may or may not be the tutor proposed in your endorsement document. If the Committee considers it necessary, it will set complementary courses which you should take.
You will be told the dates of registration and informed that acceptance expires should you fail to register within the period set.

Initial registration: If you are accepted on a PhD programme, you must go to the Postgraduate Office to formalise registration.