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General Manager

Joaquín Romero Roldán

General Manager
Tel: ++948-169323
Fax: ++948-169660
e-mail: gerencia@unavarra.es


Joaquín Romero RoldánJoaquín Romero Roldán has an Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration and Management from the UPNA, and has studied trading in foreign markets and international marketing in the Chamber of Commerce of Navarre and the University of Salford (United Kingdom).

In 2008 he was appointed General Manager of the Orfeón Pamplonés choir and in 2014 he was named General Manager of the Fundación Pablo Sarasate, where he combined management of the Navarre Symphony Orchestra with that of the Orfeón.

He has professional experience in companies such as Bodegas Castillo de Enériz (Export Manager), Arfe SA (Area Manager, Europe), Rockwool SA (Head of Raw Material Procurement) and Asia International (Foreign Trade Officer in Asia). He has worked in international trade, purchasing, consulting and strategic planning, and has supplementary qualifications in communication, marketing and computer science.

From 2012 to 2015, he was also a member of Navarre’s Cultural Affairs Council and economic assessor for Government of Navarre calls for proposals (performing arts production projects).

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