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Area directors

Head of Strategic Planning

Vice-rector of Economic Matters, Planning and Teaching Staff’s office

Mónica Cortiñas Ugalde

Tel:  94816 9895
Email: direccion.areaplanificacion@unavarra.es

Mónica Cortiñas UgaldeMónica Cortiñas Ugalde (Pamplona, 1974) has an undergraduate degree and PhD in Business Administration and Management from the Public University of Navarre. As part of her doctorate, she undertook a research sojourn at the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 1999.

Her chief lines of research centre on marketing, with a particular focus on online consumer behaviour, e-commerce and distribution channel management. She has published over twenty papers, of which many have appeared in indexed international journals. She has also contributed to numerous research projects, reviews manuscripts for a number of international journals and is co-directing a PhD thesis.

At academic management level, she has sat on the Permanent Committee of the Department of Business Administration, the Board of the Faculty of Economics and Business Science, and the Senate, and held the post of Head of Marketing and Market Research. She has also served as a member of the Master’s Degree Academic Committee and been in charge of Quality for the Master’s Degree in Business Management.

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