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Miércoles 25 de octubre de 2023

Seminario de investigación: TThe impact of Augmented Reality on cognitive load through the perspective of cognitive dissonance.

Por Sergio Barta. Universidad de Zaragoza

INARBE organiza este seminario que se celebrará el 25 de octubre a las 12,00h. en la sala de conferencias del edificio Jerónimo de Ayanz.


Augmented Reality (AR) has demonstrated its capacity to enhance consumers' shopping decisions and overall shopping experiences. Drawing from a theoretical framework based on the stimulus-organism-response model and cognitive load theory, this research examines the influence of AR on cognitive factors associated with cognitive load, which have hitherto received limited attention. Specifically, this research delves into the effects of perceived similarity among product options, the confusion by overchoice, and the prepurchase cognitive dissonance on variables related to purchase behaviour, such as purchase intention and willingness to pay more for products. This study is based on consumers' use of AR during their online shopping experiences at an e-commerce cosmetics store, notable for its extensive product range. Employing a mixed-method approach encompassing two focus groups and an experimental design, this study employs triangulation to validate its findings. The findings reveal that AR mitigates cognitive dissonance by influencing perceived similarity and reducing the confusion by overchoice. Furthermore, reducing cognitive load enhances purchase intentions, increasing willingness to pay more for products. The research extends knowledge of the benefits provided to consumers by AR in their decision-making through its impacts on perceived similarity, confusion by overchoice and prepurchase cognitive dissonance. The application of web AR in e-commerce shops is particularly useful when a wide assortment of similar products is offered. Consequently, online retailers can leverage AR technology to enhance economic performance by increasing sales volumes and profit margins.

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