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Networks, programmes and agreements in which the UPNA takes part

International Mobility Agreements

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International Agreements processing

The Public University of Navarre is involved in Cooperation Agreements with more than 300 universities from 50 different countries, under which cover are held mobility exchanges of students, teaching and researching staff and administrative and other services personnel.

The Cooperation Agreements endorsed by the UPNA and other foreign universities shall follow what is established on the Regulation on Agreements of the Public University of Navarre, approved by the Board of Governors, dated 18th February 2011, and on the Regulation on International Mobility Programmes for students of the Public University of Navarre.

Although it is a duty of the Vice-chancellorship for International Relations to plan these agreements, and in most cases to endorse them, any teaching and researching staff, administrative or personnel from other services and the students might issue a proposal to foster relationships with a foreign university.

Processing of Erasmus + Mobility Agreements

Processing of Mobility Agreements with Non-EU Countries