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Conferencia de Joe Viana

El profesor Joe Viana ha impartido el curso "An introduction to modelling and simulation in AnyLogic". This course provides a practical introduction to discrete-event simulation (DES), agent-based simulation/modelling (ABS/ABM) and Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) three powerful and widely used modelling approaches. Applications of these methods in logistics/operations, finance, and health will be demonstrated through exercises in AnyLogic.

 Joe Viana is a Researcher on the Norwegian Research Council Measures for Improved Availability of medicines and Vaccines project, at BI Norwegian Business School. He is a member of the German Research Foundation (DFG) Integrated Planning in Hospitals: Complexity, Analytics, Reorganization, Efficiency (InPlan-CARE) network. He gained his PhD in Healthcare Operational Research from the University of Southampton. His interests are the application of simulation to improve the operation of health systems. His email address is