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Fermín Mallor participa en la escuela de doctorado HOpeR

Fermín Mallor participa en  HOpeR (Healthcare Operational Research), la primera escuela de doctorado para investigadores iberoamericanos en investigación de operaciones aplicada a salud, celebrada en la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana en Bogotá, colombia, entre el 28 de noviembre y el 2 de diciembre de 2022.

The graduate school aims at providing advance training regarding both, problems and solution approaches, in the field of healthcare operational research. Speakers will discuss challenges in implementation and present strategies to engage stakeholders during the different stages of the research process. Participants will have the opportunity of having feedback from leading experts in the field and building a collaboration network. Young researchers, post-docs, qualified M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, and both academic and healthcare professionals are invited to participate in the Healthcare Operational Research graduate school, HOpeR. The 2022 edition includes six speakers on a diverse set of OR applications on healthcare, such as capacity management, emergency medical services, homecare operations and hybrid simulation.

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