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Profesor Contratado Doctor Tipo 1

  • Department: CIENCIAS
  • Area: Ingeniería Química
  • e-mail: fernando.bimbelaATunavarra.es
  • Phone number: (+34) 948 16 6259 (ext. 6259)

I am currently a senior lecturer (profesor contratado doctor interino) in the Sciences Department of the Public University of Navarra and a member of the Grupo de Reactores Químicos y Procesos para la Valorización de Recursos Renovables (QuiProVal) led by Prof. Dr. Luis Gandía, which is a research group that belongs to the UPNa's Institute for Advanced Materials and Mathematics (InaMat^2). Since March 2019 I have also taken duties as Secretary of the InaMat^2. I studied Chemical Engineering in the University of Zaragoza, where I further developed my PhD thesis within the Thermochemical Processes Group from the Aragon Institute for Engineering Research (I3A) of the aforementioned university. The topic of my PhD thesis was hydrogen production by catalytic steam reforming of biomass pyrolysis liquids.

The research activity developed to date comprises various disciplines, from catalysis through waste valorization of residues from different sources. Most of it has been related to the thermochemical conversion of biomass and wastes via pyrolysis and gasification, as well as other processes derived from these. Other research interests and activities include the preparation and characterization of catalysts, chemical reactors design, photocatalysis, kinetic modelling and simulation by computational fluid dynamics (CFD), valorisation of agroforestry residues, waste management and design, construction and scale-up of experimental test rigs up to laboratory bench scale.

My participation in several research projects receiving both public and private financing, some of them even at international level (with funding from the EU's 7th Framework Programme) has allowed me to be co-author of various publications in high-impact peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as to attend several conferences and scientific congresses, both national and international, where I could present poster and oral contributions. Furthermore, I have supervised several Diploma and Master Theses to date. I also have a regular role as reviewer in various international scientific journals and to date I am also guest editor of two Special Issues in various open-access scientific journals.

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