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  • Area: Sociología
  • e-mail: jesus.olivaATunavarra.es
  • Phone number: (+34) 948 16 9496 (ext. 9496)

Jesús Oliva – Department of Sociology and Social Work - +34 948 169 496 - jesus.oliva@unavarra.es

He is Professor of Sociology at the Public University of Navarra, Doctor in SOciology and Political Science from the Complutense University of Madrid, and postgraduate studies in Urban Planning from the Spanish Institute of Public Administration. He has gained recognition for 30 years of quality research, as well as 25 years of university teaching experience evaluated positively. He has been lecturer at the University of Castile-La Mancha; invited visiting professor at the Department of Sociology of the Lancaster University (Center for Mobilities Research, UK); and invited research in the Social, Political and Territorial Sciences of the University of Aveiro (Portugal). He is a meber of the Research Study Group Southern and Mediterranean Europe formed within the European Society for Rural Sociology and member of the Research Stream “Transformative Rural-Urban Connections” of the European Sociological Association. He has been member of the Network of Excellence Investigaciones Socioterritoriales y Desarrollo Rural  of the Spanish Program for Scientific Research of Excellence; member of the Research Group “Charles Babbage in Labour Social Sciences” of the Complutense University of Madrid; and member of the Spanish Network of Urban Studies and the “Sociospatial Studies Network”.

He is member of the i-Communitas Institute of Advanced Social and convenor of the research group “Rural sociology, Mobility and Social Research" in the Public University of Navarra. His research topics focus on the role of mobilities in regional development, urbanism and planning, rural sociology, and sociology of labour and the findings have been presented by more than thirty scientific contributions to international meetings on urbanism, such as the congresses of the European Society for Rural Sociology, the Ibero-American Colloquiums of Rural Studies, and the conferences of the European Sociological Association. These results and research knowledge have been transferred by more than a dozen of research contracts; the organization of international conferences and specialized meetings, as well as the teaching of post-graduate studies for the training of sociologists, architects, geographers, technical staff from public administration, and international cooperation agents at the Spanish Agency for Cooperation and Development, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, the National Association of Sociologists, the Basque Country University, the International University of Andalusia, the National Distance Education University and the Public University of Navarre.

Together with Luis Camarero (UNED) he is currently directing the 4-years research project “Focus on rural gap: Accessibility, Mobilities and Social Inequalities (RURAL ACCESS)” (https://theruralgap.net/) funded by the Spanish State R&D&I Plan. Some of his most recent publications are "The immobilities of non-automobile residents of rural Spain” (in Vaninni, Ph. 2023, Mobilities in Remote Places, Routledge); "“New rural residents, territories for vital projects and the context of the crisis in Spain” (together with M. Rivera, in Figueiredo et al 2020, Crisis and Post-Crisis in Rural Territories. Springer); “Thinking in rural gap: mobility and social inequalities” (together with L. Camarero, in Palgrave Communications); “Mobility, accessibility and social justice” (together with L. Camarero, en Scott et al 2019, Routledge companion to rural planning. Routledge). He has also recently been the coordinator of the session “Territory, Spatial Development and Cohesion” (RS17, European Sociological Association, Barcelona, 2021, together with Anja Jørgensen); and the Panel “Rural global transition: From agricultural villages to new ruralities” (4th Rural History Organization Conference, Paris, EHESS, 2019, together with L. Camarero and F. Almonacid); and the working group “Social justice and the future of rural places after the crisis” (XXVIII European Society for Rural Sociology, Trondheim, 2019, together with F. Doner).

He has supervised 5 doctoral thesis and more than 16 scholarships predoctoral and postdoctoral research contracts and held responsibilities in the organisation of the Public University of Navarre as Director of the Department of Sociology, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, member of the Commissions for Research; Development Cooperation; and PhD Studies, as well as head of the Applied Sociology degree programme.

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