Electronics and communications Applications

The group holds a number of activities in the field of electronics and communication applications. These include general specific designs for particular applications upon demand, structured cabling for home automation (domotics), interactive digital services on television and design of technological aids for handicapped people. In all these fields some projects have been developed in the past, but are active now with ongoing projects. To find more, you can enter in each of the lines:

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Interactive digital television (MHProject)

MHProject represents the effort of a team of professors and students from the Optical Communications Group where more than 20 people have been involved over the last years. The main aim of this team is the development of research projects related to Interactive Digital Television.

During the last ten years, the MHProject Team has developed several software standalone applications for the generation and analysis of DVB-MHP compliant, interactive television transport streams. Among these software, we can find: Transport Stream Analyzer UPNA which analyses basic transport stream properties, plays video and audio from any elementary stream in the transport stream and is also able to analyze any MHP-compliant object carousel; Transport Stream Generator UPNA, which generates DVB-MHP compliant transport streams, including video, audio and interactive applications; and MHP Authoring Tool UPNA, which enables the implementation of MHP interactive TV applications by means of a simple interactive graphic user interface.

Other projects of interest include the design and development of an interactive television head end for the cable network of Valle de Aranguren or the design of LED video screens as part of collaboration project with Ostiz Audiovisuales.

Recently, within the MHProject Team there is an increasing interest in Internet Protocol television (IPTV), where the digital television signal and the interactive applications are delivered using the Internet Protocol (IP) suite over a packet-switched network such as the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite or cable television formats.

Contact: Alayn Loayssa, Mikel Sagues