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Viernes 25 de marzo de 2022

Jornada Doctoral: Soil erosion by concentrated flows: perspectives from three World-Leading Universities

El 25 de marzo se desarrollará la Jornada Doctoral "Soil erosion by concentrated flows: perspectives from three World-Leading Universities"

Horario: De 9:00 a 13:15h.

Lugar: Sala de Grados de la ETSIAB


Summary: Soil erosion is one of the most important environmental problems. Indeed, it causes loss of productivity, accelerates desertification processes, contaminates water flows and deteriorates hydraulic infrastructures, such as reservoirs, as a consequence of the sedimentation of the soil particles removed and transported. The so-called "gully erosion" is one of the most damaging types of soil erosion, being its study, characterization and prediction of great complexity and object of intense and recent research, as many processes interact in the same phenomenon. In the agricultural environment, ephemeral gullies, so called because the small channels that constitute them are eliminated by recurrent tillage, cause significant soil losses. Or so it is believed, because the real magnitude of the problem is still not adequately known. It is therefore a matter of the utmost importance and directly involved in the agricultural production chain studied at the ISFOOD institute. The three short presentations that constitute the core of this workshop deal with the phenomenon of gully erosion at different spatial and temporal levels, which allows a broad and complete vision. Indeed, we will start by dealing with predicting gully erosion on continental scales and long time periods, with several new and exciting advancements using machine learning and more process-oriented approaches. We will then discuss the quantification and estimation of gully erosion at regional scales. The last talk will be devoted to the study of the evolution of erosion rills, very similar to ephemeral gullies, from an experimental perspective and at the level of precipitation events. The speakers can be considered world reference in the topics outlined in the preceding paragraphs. 

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