Public University of Navarre

Castellano | Academic year: 2023/2024 | Previous academic years:  2022/2023 
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the Universidad Pública de Navarra
Course code: 250804 Subject title: BUSINESS INTERNSHIP
Credits: 6 Type of subject: Optative Year: 4 Period: 2º S
Department: Ingeniería Eléctrica, Electrónica y de Comunicación

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Weight (%) It allows
test resit
required grade
RA1, RA2, RA3, RA4, RA5, RA6 Oral presentation about the company, its operation and its internal organization. 40 No  
RA1, RA2, RA3, RA4, RA5, RA6 Report that, at least, contains:
  • Company description
  • Description of the tasks performed and departments where he/she has been assigned.
  • List of the problems raised and the procedure followed for their resolution.
  • Identification of the contributions that, in terms of learning, the internships have entailed.
  • Evaluation of the stay and suggestions for improvement.
40 No  
RA2, RA3, RA4, RA5, RA6 Evaluation of the company tutor on the student's skills. 20 No