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International Double Bachelor's degree in Economics, Management and Business Administration at the Universidad Pública de Navarra
Course code: 176801 Subject title: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT
Credits: 6 Type of subject: Mandatory Year: 4 Period: 2º S
Department: Gestión de Empresas
MADORRAN GARCIA, CRISTINA (Resp)   [Mentoring ] ZOUAGHI , FERDAOUS   [Mentoring ]

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Module/Subject matter

General Management. Strategy and Innovation.


General proficiencies

CG01 A capacity for analysis and synthesis

CG02 A capacity for organisation and planning

CG03 Oral and written communication in their mother tongue

CG04 Oral and written communication in a foreign language

CG06 The ability to search for and analyse information from different sources

CG07 The capacity to solve problems

CG08 The capacity to make decisions

CG09 The capacity to work as part of a team


Specific proficiencies

SP02 Identify the sources of relevant economic information and their contents.

SP03 Derive from microeconomic and macroeconomic data the data and relevant information impossible to recognize for non-professionals.

SP04 Apply professional criteria based on the handling of technical instruments to the analysis of business management problems.

SP05 Issue advisory reports on specific situations of companies and markets.

SP07 Assess the situation and foreseeable evolution of a company from the relevant records of information.

SP08 Manage and administer a company or organization, understanding its competitive and institutional location and identifying its strengths and weaknesses.


Learning outcomes

R_DG_10. Understand and analyze the relationship between market structure, strategy formulation and company organization.

R_DG_11. Understand the fundamentals of business strategy.

R_DG_12. To know the main competitive and corporate strategies of the company.

R_DG_13. Systematic analysis of the company's competitive environment.

R_DG_14. Understand the role of Resources and Capabilities in the strategy to be pursued.

R_DG_15. Issuing advisory reports on actions related to strategic management.



Metodology - Activity Number of hours requiring attendance Attendance not required
A-1 Classes 43  
A-2 Practical Classes 07  
A-3 Group works 07 05
A-4 Works Preparation   20
A-5 Material study   10
A-6 Individual Study   50
A-7 Exams, assesments 03  
A-8 Individual assistance   05
TOTAL 60 90


Relationship between formative activities and proficiencies/learning outcomes

Proficienciy Activity
CG01 CG03 CG07 CG09 CE04 CE07 CE08 A-1 Classes
CG01 CG03 CG06 CG07 CG08 CG09 CE04 CE07 CE08 A-2 Practical Calsses
CG01 CG03 CG06 CG07 CG08 CG09 CE 03CE04 CE07 CE08 A-3 Group works
CG01 CG06 CG07 CG09 CE03 CE04 CE07 CE08 A-4 Works Preparation
CG01 CG06 CG07 CE03 CE04 CE07 A-5 Material study
CG01 CG06 CG07CE03 CE04 CE07 A-6 Individual Study
CG01 CG03 CG06 CG07 CE03 CE04 CE07 A-7 Exams, assesments



English and Spanish.




Weight (%) It allows
test resit
required grade
R_DG_10, R_DG_11, R_DG_12, R_DG_13, R_DG_14 Midterm exams 20 Yes, in the retake exam  
R_DG_10, R_DG_11, R_DG_12, R_DG_13, R_DG_14 Final exam 30 Yes, in the retake exam 3 out of 10
R_DG_10, R_DG_11, R_DG_12, R_DG_13, R_DG_14 Active participation 10 No  
R_DG_10, R_DG_11, R_DG_12, R_DG_13, R_DG_14, R_DG_15 Group assignments 40 No  




Managers must develop the resources and capabilities needed to gain and sustain advantage in competitive markets. The way in which organizations attempt to develop such competitive advantage constitutes the essence of their strategy. This course on strategic management presents theories, principles, techniques and models of organizational and environmental analysis, that allow future managers to formulate a successful competitive and corporate strategy.



Unit 1: Strategy and Strategic Decisions

Unit 2: Sector analysis

Unit 3: Analysis of resources and capacities

Unit 4: Competitive Advantage Analysis

Unit 5: Directions and Modes of Growth

Unit 6: Internationalization



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