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CastellanoEuskara | Academic year: 2024/2025
Bachelor's degree in Law at the Universidad Pública de Navarra
Course code: 351890 Subject title: FINAL DEGREE PROJECT
Credits: 6 Type of subject: Year: 4 Period: 2º S
ELIZARI URTASUN, LEYRE (Resp)   [Mentoring ]

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Module/Subject matter

Final Degree Project



Each of the tutors will determine the specific topic that each student will have to develop and study in depth and will advise on the appropriate bibliography.


General proficiencies

Not applicable.


Specific proficiencies

Not applicable.


Learning outcomes

LO17. To express oneself orally using appropriate terminology and techniques.

LO19. To search, select and manage the Law sources applicable to a specific situation.

LO20. To solve legal issues through the application and interpretation of Law sources.

LO21. To critically analyse, interrelate and integrate legal concepts.

LO23. To read and interpret legal texts.

LO29. To inform both specialised and non-specialised audiences of questions within their study scope and propose solutions.

LO30. To organise and plan work efficiently, applying the acquired social and organisational skills.



Methodology - Activity Hours Attendance
A.1. Sessions for presentation of topics, objectives and general methodology 10 100
A.2. Elaboration of theoretical and practical work. 128  
A.3. Tutorials 10 100
A.4. Presentation of a paper 02 100




Weight (%) It allows
test resit
required grade
LO19,20,21,23, 30 TFG elaboration      70% NOT RECOVERABLE  
LO17, 29 Oral Defense 30% NOT RECOVERABLE  

The evaluation of the final project degree (FPD) will be carried out taking as a reference what is established in the rubric approved as an Annex to the Final Project Regulations of the Faculty of Law.
The FPD can be evaluated:
- Before the Director of the FPD in which case the maximum grade will be 6.9 (APPROVED).
- Before a Tribunal composed of three members appointed by the Faculty of Law.

The student may choose, at the time of registration of the FPD, to defend it before the Director or directly before a tribunal.
The student may request, after defending the FPD before the Director, to defend the FPD before an examining board. The examining board will not be bound by the grade of the Director and this grade will be the final grade.
Whether it is defended before the Director or before a Tribunal, the defense will be carried out by means of an oral and public presentation, lasting between 10-12 minutes. At the end of the defense, the evaluating body may ask any questions it deems appropriate in relation to the work presented.
The dates, times and places for the defense of the TFGs will be published well in advance of the defense.





The offer of topics for papers will be made public on the Faculty's website:

However, students will be able to decide with the professors on different topics to be agreed upon by both parties.



Access the bibliography that your professor has requested from the Library.

The one recommended by the tutor of each TFG.



The work will be prepared and defended in English or another language of the European Union, in accordance with the requirements indicated in the Final Degree Project Regulations of the Faculty and, subsidiarily, in those of the University.



The defense will be held at the Arrosadia Campus