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Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering at the Universidad Pública de Navarra
Course code: 243010 Subject title: ECODESIGN BY LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT
Credits: 3 Type of subject: Optative Year: 4 Period: 2º S
Department: Ciencias

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Module/Subject matter

LEVEL 2: Company, product and market


General proficiencies

CG4: Ability to solve problems with initiative, decision making, creativity, critical thinking and to communicate and transmit knowledge, skills in the field of mechanical engineering.

CG6: Capacity to manage specifications, regulations and mandatory standards.

CG7: Ability to analyze and assess the social and environmental impact of technical solutions.

CG10: Ability to work in a multilingual and multidisciplinary environment.

CG11: Knowledge, understanding and ability to implement the necessary legislation in the exercise of the profession of Industrial Engineering.


Specific proficiencies

CE4: Ability to know how to choose the right materials in the design and manufacture of a given product also considering the environmental aspects of the product


Learning outcomes

R1: Use tools for the environmenal design.


R2: Analyze the life cycle of one product to detect the stages with higher environmental impact.


R3: Connect innovative design with market opportunities.



Methodology / Activity Classroom hours No-Classroom hours
A-1 Expository / participatory classes 10  
A-2 Practices 15  
A-3 Debates, round table discussion, tutoring groups    
A-4 Development work  3 30
A-5 Material readings    
A-6 Individual Study   20
A-7 Examinations, evaluation tests  2  
A-8 Individual tutorials   5
Total  30 45  


Relationship between formative activities and proficiencies

Learning outcomes Evaluation Methodology Weight (%) Recoverability
 R1  Voluntary delivery of proposed exercises   10  No
 R1, R2, R3  Practical work, quality, presentation and writing  90  Yes, in the Evaluation of recovery



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Learning outcomes
Evaluation Methodology
Weight (%) Recoverability
 R1  Voluntary delivery of proposed exercises   10  No
 R1, R2, R3  Practical work, quality, presentation and writing  90  Yes, in the Evaluation of recovery



    Design for the environment.

    Industrial Ecology.

    Design for the product.

    Life cycle Analysis.

    Ecodesign. Ecolabels.



1. Industrial Ecology. Sustainable Industrial Production

1.1. What is Sustainable Development?

1.2. Symptoms of unsustainability

1.3. Towards a new development model

1.4. Industrial Ecology


2. The Ecodesign process.

2.1. Ecodesign process

2.2. Ecodesign Strategies

2.3. Ecodesign Labels          


3. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). I- Objectives and scope of the study

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Aplication of the LCA

3.3. Methodology of the LCA

3.4. Definition of the goals and scope of the study


4. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). II- Life Cycle Inventory Analysis (LCI)

4.1. Previous concepts

4.2. Energy Analysis

4.3. Allocation

4.4. Acquisition, origin and quality of the data


5. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). III- Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA)

5.1. Introduction

5.2. Mandatory elements of the LCIA

5.3. Optional elements of the LCIA


6. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). IV- Life Cycle Interpretation. Reporting and Critical Review.

6.1. Introduction

6.2. Identifying the most significant Issues

6.3. Evaluation of completeness, sensitivity, and consistency of the experiments

6.4. Techniques for analysis of results

6.5. Reports, conclusions, limitations and recommendations


Practice. Lessons 3, 4, 5, and 6 will be explained with GaBi software. At the same time basic principles of how to operate with this software will be aborded. Final work will be an ecodesign process by LCA made with this software.



Access the bibliography that your professor has requested from the Library.



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