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International Bachelor's degree in Management and Business Administration
Course code: 174105 Subject title: FINANCIAL OPERATIONS
Credits: 6 Type of subject: Basic Year: 1 Period: 1º S
Department: Gestión de Empresas
FERRER ZUBIATE, ELENA   [Mentoring ] GONZALEZ URTEAGA, ANA (Resp)   [Mentoring ]

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Module/Subject matter

Financial Operations.



The subject is organized in three units:

- The first one deals with the main basic concepts and methodological aspects of financial valuations.

- The second one studies the behavior of the different types of financial annuities and perpetuities.

- Finally, the third one is dedicated to examine long-term financial operations. In particular, is dedicated to the study of repayment loans.


General proficiencies

CG03 Oral and written communication in their mother tongue

CG05 Computer skills relevant to the field of study

CG06 The ability to search for and analyse information from different sources

CG09 The capacity to work as part of a team

CG15 An ethical approach to work

CG17 A capacity for self-reliant learning

CB1 - Students have demonstrated that they possess knowledge of and understand an area of study, based on general secondary education and usually to a level which, albeit with the support of advanced text books, also includes some aspects which imply knowledge of the latest developments in their field of study

CB2 - Students know how to apply their knowledge to their work or vocation in a professional manner and possess skills which are usually demonstrated by developing and defending arguments and resolving problems in their area of study

CB3 - Students are able to compile and interpret relevant information (normally within their area of study) in order to voice opinions which include reflection on relevant themes of a social, scientific or ethical nature


Specific proficiencies

CE02 To identify sources of economic information relevant to their particular enterprise and their contents

CE03 To discern information and data relevant to their particular enterprise which a non-professional would be unable to recognise

CE04 To analyse business management problems, applying professional criteria based on the use of technical instruments

CE15 To understand the financial markets, their structure, key players and products


Learning outcomes

R_FI_01 To apply the mathematics of financial operations

R_FI_02 To understand the time value of money concept

R_FI_03 To know how to apply financial rules

R_FI_04 To identify and value annuities

R_FI_05 To identify and value loans

R_FI_06 To apply the acquired knowledge to real situations



A-1 Lectures sessions 28  
A-2 Practical sessions 28  
A-3 Personal study   42
A-4 Teamwork and/or individual activities   40
A-5 Office hours   08
A-6 Final exam 04  
Total 60 90



Learning outcomes Assessment system Weight (%) Character Recovery way
R_FI_01, R_FI_02, R_FI_03, R_FI_04, R_FI_05, R_FI_06 Teamwork activities 10% Non-recoverable  
R_FI_01, R_FI_02, R_FI_03, R_FI_04, R_FI_05, R_FI_06 Individual activities 30% Recoverable Recovery exam 1 on the date set by the center within the call for recovery
R_FI_01, R_FI_02, R_FI_03, R_FI_04, R_FI_05, R_FI_06 Final Exam 60% Minimum Grade: 5/10 Recoverable Recovery exam 2 on the date set by the center within the call for recovery



- UNIT 1: Financial Valuation, Financial Laws, and Short-Term Financial Operations

- UNIT 2: Annuities and Perpetuities

- UNIT 3: Classical Long-Term Financial Operations and Other Financial Operations



Access the bibliography that your professor has requested from the Library.

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