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Mobiliy programmes

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The Faculty

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Public University of Navarre offers bachelor’s degrees in Teaching in Infant Education, Teaching in Primary Education, Social Work and Applied Sociology. Also, we offer MA programmes in the field of education, music, social work and history LINK.

In line with the deeply human, educational and erudite nature of the studies we offer, our main aim is to provide students with an intellectual, sociological and ethical background, which will help them become active citizens who will be able to become community leaders and promote social justice.

What we offer to international students

UPNA offers different options to international students planning to spend one or more semesters with us.



Would you like to study in English?

Every semester we offer (at least) 30ECTs credits worth of courses in English. We also include courses in EFL.

BA in Teaching (Primary)

 Autumn Semester 

 Spring Semester

BA in Teaching (Infant)

 Autumn Semester

 Spring Semester

BA in Social Work

 Autumn Semester 

 Spring Semester

BA in Applied Sociology

 Autumn Semester




Would you like to learn Spanish?

Two 6-credit courses in Spanish are offered in both semesters. These courses will allow you to meet other international students, to learn Spanish and to learn more about Spanish culture.

Autumn semester: SpanishLanguage / Spanish Culture

Spring Semester: Spanish Language / Spanish Culture

We also offer a course in Spanish Literature. Only an elementary level of Spanish is required to follow this course. 

 Autums semester: Literature Course


Would you like to learn Basque?

Basque is official in our community. It is an ancient language of unknown origin. If you are interested in our culture, enjoy learning a bit of Basque. It will help you meet local students and understand our culture. 

Spring semester:Basque


Ubicación en el campus

Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales
Edificio Los Magnolios.
Campus de Arrosadia
31006 Pamplona-Iruña
Tel. (+34) 948 16 6204
Contact by E-mail