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Thursday, February 21


Student payment

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On-line payment

This service is for the payment of bills and amounts payable previously issued by the Public University of Navarre, using the data that appear in these documents.

On-line payment can be accomplished in two ways

From this web site

Payment will be made through the button "make payments" shown below and using a credit card or debit card at any bank.

 The bills that can be paid through this service are all those with the following information or fields:

  • Issuer.
  • Reference.
  • Identification.
  • • Amount.

The information referring to Issuer, Reference and Identification must be entered without spaces or symbols (-, /, ., _, etc.).
In the amount, the symbol separating decimals is a comma (,).



From electronic banking

It is payment through e-banking services of the Banks authorized, available only to clients of the firms:


Campus de Arrosadia
Pamplona - Iruña 31006
Tel. 948 169000
Contact by E-mail

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  • Public University of Navarre - Arrosadia Campus - 31006 Pamplona - Phone: +34 948 169000 - Fax: +34 948 169169