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Who can apply?

General requirements

To access to an official master you must meet the following entrance requirements:

• Be in possession of a spanish official university degree.
• Be in possession of a certificate issued by an institution of higher education located in another member state of the European Higher Education empowering therein for access to Masters degrees.
• Graduates from foreign education systems outside   the European Higher Education Area do not need to be officially recognised if the university checks out   that the degree gives a level of education equivalent to the official Spanish university degrees  and in  country of origen entitles  for access to postgraduate studies.

Access through this way does not imply, in any case, official recognition  of the title that is held by the applicant, nor his recognition for purposes other than studying the teachings of the Master.

If the masters gives access to a specific profession, degrees must be recognized

Specific requirements 
Admission will follow the selection criteria of each master which may be checked in the information guide of each master. Click here to see the academic offer of official masters


Students that fulfill the requirements and want to access a master offered by Public University of Navarra, should apply for it through the online pre-registration

Pre-registration procedure and admission calendar