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Enpresak Sortzeko Laborategia (LUCE)

Business Creation Laboratory (LUCE)

What is Luce?

The University Innovative Business Creation Laboratory (LUCE) is a service for the entire university community (students, teaching staff, research groups, employees, etc.) which aims to bolster and encourage the creation of innovative companies.

The University Innovative Business Creation Laboratory (LUCE) was started as a space to promote and encourage favourable attitudes among students towards innovation and entrepreneurial capacity, and draw together and consolidate all those activities whose objective is to create innovative companies.
The Laboratory came into being thanks to the commitment of its founders to raise awareness within the university community regarding the importance of entrepreneurial spirit for people, institutions and companies.

LUCE also hopes to promote the leading role that the University is capable of developing as a participant in business creation programmes and in shaping of positive attitudes favouring innovation and business creation.
LUCE saw the light of day in 2006 as a result of collaboration between the Navarran European Business Innovation Centre (CEIN), the UPNA’s Faculty of Economics and Business Science, and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs (AJE).

To encourage and spread entrepreneurial spirit within the university community and promote the creation of Innovative Companies with high growth potential.

Aulario. Hall central
Pamplona, Navarra
Telephone: ++948 166176 (UPNA) and ++848 426001 / ++848 426 337 (Cein)
Email: luce@unavarra.es