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Spanish Courses

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Spanish Language Courses

UPNA gives you different options to facilitate the learning of Spanish:

1.- Courses in the Language Center

  • Free intensive course on arrival: As exchange student you have the possibility to do an intensive course of Spanish, free and during the week prior to begin the semester. To join it, send an e-mail before August 15 for the first semester and before January 10 for the 2nd semester to centro.idiomas@unavarra.es. More info 
  • Spanish Bridge Course. The Language Center provides the opportunity to enroll in a 3 weeks intensive Spanish course before the start of each semester (and before one week intensive course). The course fee includes accommodation. More info
  • Semester courses in Spanish. During your period in UPNA, you can also improve your Spanish as well as through semester courses offered by the Language Center along both semester; you also can enroll more comprehensive spanish courses at a reduced price. More info
  • Posgraduate degree in Spanish language, marketing and tourism. (More info)
  • More information: Spanish Language Courses

2.- Courses on language , culture and society. There are some regular courses (taught in Spanish) on language, culture and society that might interest you to improve your knowledge of Spanish. This courses are taught in the framework of Bachelor programs and are free of charge as they can be part of the learning agreement. For more information see catalogue.