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Registry functions

  • Receipt of applications, writings and communications directed to the administrative bodies of this university.
  • Issuance of a receipt of the submission of applications, writings and communications.
  • The annotation in the in-and-out entries of the applications, writings and communications, in accordance with the indications given in the paragraphs 2 and 3 of article 37 of the Law 30/1992 The submission of applications, writings and communications to the receiver organs or units, in accordance with paragraph 2 of article 38 of the law 30 / 1992.
  • The realization of documentation collation and the issue of certified copies of original documents provided by the applicant.
  • Maintenance of the website of the General Registry.
  • Coordination and technical supervision of the Registry offices (General and Auxiliary) of the University.
  • Any other assigned to the General Registrys according to the rules and regulations.

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