Contributed Papers

• Sujit K. Sahu, Orietta Nicolis: A spatio-temporal model for particulate matter monitored from a heterogeneous network

Petrutza C. Caragea and Mark S. Kaiser: Detection of temporal changes in spatial dependence

Arminda Manuela Gonçalves and Teresa Alpuim: Spatio-temporal modelling in the analysis of water quality data

Rosaria Ignaccolo, Orietta Nicolis and Stefano Bande: Spatio-temporal modelling with exogenous variables for PM10 in Piemonte

• Chiara Bocci, Alessandra Petrucci and Emilia Rocco: An application of geographically weighted regression to agricultural data for small area estimates

Chrysoula Dimitriou-Fakalou: Modelling data observed irregularly over space and regularly in time

Lorenzo Fattorini: Performing Horvitz-Thompson estimation in spatial sampling: a computer-intensive perspective for complex schemes

Liliane Bel, J. N. Bacro and Ch. Lantuéjoul: Estimation of the extremal coefficient function of a stationary random field. Application to rainfalls maxima

Mark J Brewer: Variable smoothing in Bayesian spatial modelling

M. Salomé Cabral, M. Helena Gonçalves, P. Duarte-Rodrigues and M. Manuela R. Branco: Mixed models approach to estimate time series:modeling the environmental effect on the honeybee egg laying activity

Lieven Clement and Olivier Thas: Nonparametric trend detection in spatio-temporal river monitoring networks

Vera Pawlowsky-Glahn, R. Tolosana-Delgado, J.J. Egozcue: Simplicial indicator kriging

• M. D. Ugarte, A. F. Militino and Tomás Goicoa: Are second-order approximations necessary to calculate prediction errors in empirical Bayesdisease mapping?

Geir Aamodt, Sven Ove Samuelsen and Anders Skrondal: A simulation study of three methods for detecting disease clusters

Annibale Biggeri, D. Catelan, E. Dreassi , C. Lagazio, L. Rinaldi, G. Cringoli: Multivariate spatially structured variability of ovine parasitic infections

Virgilio Gómez-Rubio and A. López-Quílez: Empirical and full Bayes estimators for disease mapping

Aila Särkkä: Modelling growth of trees by space-time growth-interaction processes

Janine B. Illian: Combining geostatistical and point process modelling

Prokešová, M., Hellmund, G., and Jensen, E. B. V.: Lévy based Cox processes for spatio-temporal modelling

Lionel Cucala: Intensity estimation for spatial point processes observed with noise