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Projects and contracts

Projects and contracts

The Institute on Innovation & Sustainable Development in Food Chain (IS-FOOD) aims to produce, innovate and promote safe, sustainable and healthy food products. IS-FOOD is composed of different research groups from both the School of Agricultural Engineering and the Faculty of Law belonging to the Public University of Navarre. Its main goal is to provide the Agrofood sector with global and integrated proposals based on its research and innovative experience to offer a solution to the current challenges and requirements continuously arising as a consequence of social changes and people’s eating habits. The researches comprising IS-FOOD have a wide experience in the different subsectors that form the AgroFood industry allowing the transfer of knowledge to the sector companies.

IS-FOOD accomplishes analysis, tests, studies along with advisory and consulting activities related to its knowledge areas through contracts with companies and entities.

Accordingly, IS-FOOD can help Agrofood companies to achieve the following goals:

Production costs reduction.
Flexibility of production processes.
Increase in quality or the launch of new products to respond or anticipate consumers’ requirements.

Some of IS-FOOD facilities are more oriented to external clients.

Institute for Innovation & Sustainable Development in Food Chain
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