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Patents and Thesis

Patents and Thesis


The research lines of INAMAT are of interest for doctoral students who wish to carry out their research PhD in the institute. Thus, in the last 5 years more than 25 PhD theses have been performed, being the following highlighted by their multidisciplinarity:

  • -Synthesis, characterization and applications of magnetic nanostructures based on transition metal oxides. Director: Cristina Gómez-Polo
  • -Adaptation of an alternative gasoline internal combustion engine for operation with hydrogen as fuel. Energy and automotive applications. Directors: Diéguez Elizondo, Pedro María, Gandía Pascual, Luis María
  • -Processes of fuels in microreactors for the production of H2: Computational fluid dynamics study (CFD). Directors: Arzamendi Manterola, María Cruz, Gandía Pascual, Luis María.
  • -New organometallic catalysts of ruthenium, copper and silver with C1 symmetry derived from bi and tridentate ligands. Directors: Cornejo Ibergallartu, Alfonso, Martínez Merino, Víctor Javier.
  • -Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Siliceous Xerogels (RTEOS / TEOS; R = P, Ph). Separation and Purification of Gases by Chromatography. Directors: Garrido Segovia, Julián José, Echeverría Morrás, Jesús Carmelo.
  • -Elimination and recovery of CO2 present in gaseous effluents by adsorption and dry methane reforming. Director: Andoni Gil
  • -Development of new nanostructures manufacturing processes with advanced optical properties based on laser interference lithography. Director Rafael Rodríguez Trías
  • -Study of the molecular mechanisms underlying Bap-mediated cell-cell interactions in Staphylococcus aureus. Directors: Valle Turrillas, Jaione, Lasa Uzcudun, Íñigo.

You can also access the list of theses in the last 5 years in the following  link.


The research activity has also resulted in more than 11 patents in the last 5 years, among which the following stand out:

  • Inventors (in order of signature): José Antonio Aguilera Andoaga, Carlos Aragón Garbizu // Title:  Quantitative analysis method for analyzing the elemental composition of materials by means of LIBS technique – Request N.:  PCT/EP2014/050224 - Licensed to Energy Research Company (ERCo), NJ (USA).
  • Inventors (in order of signature): Monteserín Leiva, M., Martín Julián, F., Rodríguez Trías, R., García Fuentes, G.: Title: Procedure for the manufacture of a bactericidal coating of pyrrole doped with iodine - No. Request: 201430799.

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