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International students


The Public University of Navarre (UPNA) is a young academic institution, founded in 1987, which has rapidly progressed to achieve high academic and professional quality. In 2011, the University was awarded the label of International Excellence (CEI, Campus de Excelencia Internacional) by the Spanish Ministry of Education. According to independent studies, UPNA heads the list of Spanish universities in terms of: Scientific production: Top 10; Innovation & Technology Development: 6th out of 48 universities; Teaching quality: 2th out of 48 universities; Capacity to attract new students: 9th out of 48 universities (Source: the CYD Foundation & ISSUE Rankings 2014)

UPNA is located in Pamplona, the capital town of Navarre, one of the safest cities in Spain. It is situated near the Pyrenees, about an hour from the French border and the northern coast of Spain, and thus offers a wide range of recreational activities. Pamplona is a small but lively city (population 200,000) that enjoys a rich cultural life. Our visiting students highlight the international atmosphere coupled with the comfort and ease of life in a small city.

Why the Faculty of Law?

Our faculty offers an international Double Degree in Administration and Business Management and Law and every year we receive many students from Europe and from all over the world. At the same time, our students travel abroad to study abroad. Our list of courses taught in English is constantly increasing. In the following link you can find the updated list of the broad range of subjects taught in English within our degrees:

Courses offered in English

In addition to this, our Faculty offers an outstanding opportunity to participate in several Literature & Law Seminars which are carried out within the known as “LYDer Programme” and are given both in English and in Spanish. By this way, during their stay in our Faculty the incoming students can take part in all seminars they are interested in, regardless of the language used for teaching the seminar. It is a real training activity for the student which links in a very original and entertaining way the teaching of Law and the reading of classic literary works, and encourages the student to reflection.

All activities which are developed in our Faculty are regularly reflected in our biannual Bulletin “Quid Novi?”

If you are interested in coming as an international exchange student, click here

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